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My Approach

Do I need Counselling? 

In order for counselling to be effective, it is preferable for it to be a choice.

In a rephrasing of the question – you might ask how might counselling be helpful to me?

You can simply answer “it wouldn’t” or you might be thinking “possibly?”

This brings me back to my approach - Your choice, your autonomy and your life. 

Please feel free to read to allow you to make that informed choice - Is therapy right for me?  and   If yes - Is Aaron going to be the person I work with?


I work as in a Person Centred way which put simply means exactly that – You, as my client would be at the heart of the work we do together.  The priority is to gain understanding of your life as it is and to work together in identifying routes for positive change.

Though I work in an integrative way taking elements from a variety of therapeutic models, I am likely to use Transactional Analysis and Gestalt as main influences in our sessions together. 

My approach is in recognising and appreciating you as a unique individual with your own unique experiences, thoughts and emotions.  I work in a way that maximises your freedom to explore all that is you in as space free from judgment, a space of authenticity and perhaps most importantly a space of positive regard without conditions.

This will be your time to reflect and understand you and how you interact in your personal and professional life.  Dedicated time for you to utilise the guidance I can offer in order that you can bring understand and interpret the past and to consider its impact on the present and your future.

Using the expertise and influences of many of the established  thinkers in Therapy such as  Berne, Perls, Freud and Rogers - I will work in way that utilises appropriate therapeutic tools in a 'best fit' for your needs.

In working with you, I adhere to the BACP ethical code and professional guidelines which adds an additional level of safeguarding beyond my qualification and experience.  This means that though I am committed to providing the best service there, there is a regulatory body to which I am accountable and for which you have redress if you feel that is necessary.

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